From Lashes to Luxury Estates: How The Jacobellis Group Was Born

From Lashes to Luxury Estates: How The Jacobellis Group Was Born

  • Luxury Presence
  • 10/24/23


The glittering world of celebrity beauty and the solid bricks of real estate might seem worlds apart. Yet, for Amanda Jacobellis, these two domains are more intertwined than they might first appear. The entrepreneurial journey that took her from being the go-to lash expert at Makeup Mandy, LA's acclaimed Lash Bar to the stars, to helming the Jacobellis Group Real Estate firm is a tale worth telling.

So, how does one transition from accentuating the eyes of Hollywood's elite to sealing prime real estate deals? For Amanda, the guiding principle has always been clear: empowering individuals to attain confidence, independence, and financial success.

In the early stages of her career, Amanda channeled her expertise into crafting a perfect image for her star-studded clientele, driving their careers forward. However, the beauty industry, with its fleeting trends and sometimes underwhelming products, proved restrictive. It prompted her to establish LAshX, not just as a product line but as a platform for education. Through it, Amanda discovered the profound impact of mentoring, especially when she recognized that women entrepreneurs reinvest a staggering 80% of their profits into their communities, schools, and families. Empower a woman, and you're one step closer to changing the world.

Furthermore, as a staunch advocate for survivors of domestic abuse, Amanda highlighted how a career in the beauty industry, when paired with the right training and guidance, could be a beacon of hope and independence for many. Her mission transcended beauty: it became about giving every woman the tools to carve out her own destiny.

And that’s where real estate enters the narrative. Amanda recalls, "Real estate is but another chapter in my journey of empowerment. I've experienced firsthand the transformative power of smart real estate investments. The financial security and autonomy that come from well-placed assets, like rental properties, have reshaped my family's life, and I’m passionate about guiding others down the same path."

Today, besides overseeing a flourishing short-term rental portfolio, Amanda is a key player in LA's South Bay luxury property market. She also heads Investor Group LA, further assisting clients in maximizing their investment returns.

In reflecting on her multifaceted career, Amanda notes, "Every step I’ve taken has been about fostering success in others. Whenever I discover something that elevates my life, I feel it's my duty to share it."

The story of Amanda Jacobellis is not just about a transition from lashes to luxury estates. It's a testament to the power of passion, mentorship, and the drive to elevate others.

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