Self Managing a Short Term Rental? Amanda's Resource Links

Self Managing a Short Term Rental? Amanda's Resource Links

  • Amanda Jacobellis
  • 10/18/23




Below are links to the programs I mentioned in the Webinar. Some give me a referral incentive. Most give you one too. 

Airbnb Ambassador Link: (Get $40) 

Welcome Guide Ambassador Link:

This is my favorite welcome guide because it captures ALL guests that sign in on to wifi email addresses, for remarketing. The Welcome Guide has an integration with Viator that you can earn money if guests book an experience through your app. You can also link it to a stripe account for your upsells or fees. It integrates and pulls from google and stays up to date on your recommendations and maps. Everything is driven by QR codes and you can create videos for each of your appliances. I have tested out several other virtual guidebooks and they one is the most full featured and at an affordable price.



Airbnb Shopping:


Maximizing Short-Term Rentals: Tips and Tricks from the Pros

With the booming interest in vacation homes and short-term rentals, many homeowners and prospective buyers are looking for ways to maximize their investments and offer the best possible experience to their guests. Whether you’re considering buying a property in Big Bear or anywhere else, there are certain insider tips that can make all the difference. Here’s a roundup of insights gathered from seasoned rental owners and experts:

1. Visibility is Key

Platforms like Airbnb have algorithms that prioritize listings getting clicks. This means the more clicks your listing gets, the better visibility it will have. To enhance this, continuously share your Airbnb link on platforms like Airbnb Mommy or any other relevant groups. Engage with potential renters and stay active.

2. Know Your Guests

It's essential to vet your potential guests before approving their stays. If it’s someone you don’t personally know, utilize platforms like Airbnb to ensure there’s a mediator. Use judgment based on the type of group and the purpose of their visit.

3. Direct Booking vs. Through a Platform

While some hosts prefer the security of established platforms, others have started accepting direct bookings through sites like Guesty. The advantage here is that the entire payment goes directly to the host, without the platform taking a commission. Direct bookings also offer flexibility in offering discounts or promotional rates.

4. Maintaining the Property

Maintaining cleanliness and ensuring the property is in top condition is paramount. If your rental property is located in a busy area like Big Bear, having ample sets of towels, beddings, and essentials is crucial, especially during back-to-back bookings. Aim for a minimum of five sets for every bed to ensure you’re not caught off-guard. Always ensure the property is spotless before a new guest arrives.

5. Price it Right

Pricing can be a tricky aspect of short-term rentals. New listings on platforms like Airbnb usually get a visibility bump, which can help in filling up the slots quickly. Always ensure your property is competitively priced, offers good value for money, and is in line with the market rates in the area.

6. Offering Unique Amenities

The little touches can make all the difference. For properties in colder regions, offering amenities like a spa or hot tub can significantly enhance the appeal. While there’s an initial investment involved, the returns in terms of higher nightly rates and increased bookings can make it worthwhile.

In Conclusion

Navigating the world of short-term rentals can seem daunting, but with the right strategy, the rewards can be significant. Always prioritize guest experience, maintain high standards of cleanliness, and stay updated with market trends. With dedication and a keen understanding of the market, success in the short-term rental space is achievable.

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